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The Number One Worst Way To Store Your Important Business Data And Why

by on 28 October, 2013
Every so often we get distress calls. There is usually some sort of data panic and we do the best we can to recover as much as we can and put preventative measures in place. But we are always working within the restraints of the actions taken, or not taken, before we get involved. Recently, we received a call from a company that had found itself victim to a gnarly virus. The fact is the…

Mind the Gap - The Importance of Bridging the Business and Technology Gap

by on 21 October, 2013
The only constant in technology, as in most things, is change. Technology, of all sorts, is constantly moving forward as people continue to innovate, create solutions, enhance user experience, increase productivity and push the envelope in almost every aspect. The challenge for a business owner or manager is to keep up.